Friday, September 14, 2012

Hong Kong's Flower Market

While visiting Hong Kong, you must swing by the flower market in Prince Edward before leaving.  Flowers arrive daily from all over the world and are an amazing sight for the eyes.  I usually get there by taking the MTR (Red Line, Prince Edward Station, Exit B1) and return home via cross harbor taxi (due to the crazy amount of flowers I end up buying).  I wouldn't say it's convenient by any means, but even as an island resident, I find the trip definitely worth all effort involved. 

When I first moved to HK, I went to the flower market to check out the options for house plants.  I had serious doubts that it would compare to my old Home Depot or Lowes back in the states.  But as soon as I turned the corner at the beginning of the flower district, I was impressed.  I bought orchid arrangements for every surface in my flat, several huge palms for inside and enough tropical palms and flowers to transform the balcony into a tropical oasis.  All I had to do was pick out the containers and gravel accents.  The shopkeepers potted and delivered everything to my home the next day!  In the states this would have taken at least 10 trips to Home Depot or Lowes or both.  Not to mention hauling bags of potting soil, mulch and gravel.  FINALLY I discovered something that's easier in Hong Kong!!!!!  

Sorry you can't scratch-n-sniff... 

If the incredible scent of the flowers isn’t enough, right in the middle of the flower market is a little street vendor with the best egg tarts in all of Hong Kong.  Actually, a bad egg tart is kinda like a bad Krispy Kreme donut, they don't exist.